Our Services

At ADA, providing excellent customer services is our top priority.  Standard pricing includes same day contact, same or next day inspection including all photos.  Our company also officers any necessary desk reviews and/or field re-inspections, including DOI inspections.  Additional time and distance charges may apply to specialty vehicles & heavy equipment appraisals.


  • Standard Auto Damage Appraisal

  • Standard Virtual Damage Appraisal

  • Classic & Exotic Vehicle Damage Appraisal

  • Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Jet Ski Damage Appraisal

  • Boat, RV/Custom Trailers, Mobile Home Damage Appraisal

  • Heavy Equipment & Farm Equipment Damage Appraisal

  • Salvage Bids & Movement for insurance carriers

  • Diminished Value Appraisal

  • Adjusting Services

  • Off Lease Inspections

All assignments or inquiries can be sent to assignments@autodamageappraisals.com or via fax: 866-212-2325   or simply click Submit Assignment button at the top of this page

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